Premier Paint leveling

Paint particles differ in size as they atomize and land. This causes an uneven, chunky finish.

It varies from minor to extreme; depending on how the spray gun is set up, technique of the painter, temperature of the booth, viscosity, excess/lack of material between coats.

As long as there is enough to safely level, this occurrence can be remedied.

Even with extra coats, paint thickness remains to be a super thin film. It is important to understand how meticulous the process is. Removing too much will result in a compromised UV barrier and create issues down the line. We have spent years perfecting the balance between a perfect finish and long lasting results.

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how the process works

The process begins by walking the vehicle and taking paint depth measurements to set a ‘safe zone’ of material that can be removed. The next step is to physically sand down the imperfections until it has an even & level dullness. The grit used varies on how textured the surface initially is. The buffing and polishing can now begin.

The end result will completely transform the finish. Please browse the gallery below to see more examples.