Exterior Maintenance

Includes :

  • Thorough Hand Wash, Road Contaminate Treatment & Dry
  • Wheels Cleaned, Tires Dressed w/ Rubber Sealant
  • Rejuvenation of Faded Plastic Trim
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Polished Paint w/ Protective Top Coating

    Pricing varies based on vehicle size & condition.
    Contact us and we’ll personalize the service to align with your specific needs!
Headlight Restoration & Engine Bay Detailing Also Available. Check out “Other Services”

The Paint correction Process

To “buff out a scratch” is to level the surrounding paint to the lowest point of it. The goal with paint correction is to level out as many defects as safely possible while retaining clear coat abundance. Note the above photo showing deeper scratching, where complete removal of those would result in a diminished clear coat layer. Some defects will always remain but through polishing we are able to smooth out the sharp angle making them less noticeable to the eye.



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